BREED: Quarterhorse (Out of registered stock, but no papers) GENDER: Gelding HEIGHT: 14 hands 825 lbs. BIO: Tag #1636, Houdini, somehow found himself at the border port in Texas as
BREED: Thoroughbred (Jockey Club tattoo) GENDER: Gelding HEIGHT: 16.1 hands 1150 lbs. with more to go! BIO: Vicar doesn’t act his age at all. We were able to finally find
BREED: Welsh Arabian cross GENDER: Mare HEIGHT: 14 hands 900 lbs. BIO: Kylie was most likely out grown and sent to auction. She’s extremely willing, patient, and loves children. She
BREED: Warmblood Quarter-horse Draft Cross GENDER: Mare HEIGHT: 14.2 hands BIO: After many years of honest work on a ranch she found herself pregnant and in a kill pen. She
BREED: Grey Dun Quarter Horse GENDER: Mare HEIGHT: Approx. 14.2 hands Approx 900 lbs. BIO: Mouse was taken from her owner for unknown reasons by the Hunts County Sherriff Dept.
BREED: Quarter-horse Cross – probably with Appaloosa GENDER: Mare HEIGHT: 15.2 hands 1050 lbs. and growing BIO: Rona is a sweet girl who’s previous owner starved her. She is a
BREED: Quarter Horse Buckskin GENDER: Mare HEIGHT: 14.3 hands 980 lbs. with more to go! BIO: Bucky is a reserved mare who takes a while to trust. She was in
BREED: Thoroughbred (Jockey Club tattoo) GENDER: Gelding HEIGHT: 15.3 hands 975 lbs. BIO: Willie has had a rough life. He is very sway backed and lightly roach backed. To add